Kick-off meeting for planning, team building and exchanging methods in Tanzania

Representatives of partner organisations launched the project with a kick-off meeting (KOM) in Tanzania. They came together in September 2015 with the aim of getting to know each other, plan the project activities, talk about logistics and share their expectations about the project. Most importantly, during the meeting the first draft of the training module was developed.

Each partner presented its organisation, focusing on their own different non-formal methods designed to increase young people’s employability, their current or past projects with similar aims, or using similar methodologies as the ones of Greentrepreneurship project. Moreover, the situation regarding youth employment and the state of the art of green entrepreneurship in their respective countries was explained, together with examples of good practices.

Additionally, two experts form Slovenia presented the principles of the Integral economics and examples of green entrepreneurship practices from all over the world.

Development of an educational module and supporting learning materials

The aim of the manual is to benchmark the term and the idea of Greentrepreunership. It is meant especially for young people, motivated to be and act green, that is why it wants to present and introduce the idea and the term and especially provide vocabulary and assessment methods to determine what a green business is.

The content:
ABOUT GREENTREPRENEURSHIP: the current situation, demography and resources, profit and Enviromental costs, GDP and inequality, sustainable development model
HOW TO BECOME A GREEN ENTREPRENEUR: How to develop a business idea? When a business idea is green? The competence model of a Greentrepreneur
PRACTICAL TOOLS: Business plan development tool, assessment tool of green, usefull resources

International Training course for youth workers in Portugal

From 7 to 14 of April 2016, thirty young people from 6 different countries (Portugal, Italy, Slovenia, Nepal, Argentina, Tanzania) have met in Beja, Portugal in order to learn more about green entrepreneurship and how it can be used to tackle youth unemployment. The Training Course was hosted by Associação Check-In – Cooperação e Desenvolvimento.

Local educational activities

Local educational activities: Each partner formed a local group of unemployed young people that were educated in green entrepreneurial skills. As results green entrepreneurial project ideas were created by the young people. The educational activities were on one hand based on experiential learning exercises using methods to motivate learning, stimulate action and understand entrepreneurship through experiences. On the other hand they also offered technical skills and advice in green business planning, marketing and evaluation of potential leads.

Local informational campaign

In order to raise awareness about green entrepreneurial skills for youth employment, partners organized local informational campaigns. Promotional videos were created and different events organised.

Green Economy Newsletter

Partners created three newsletters about the project and its results, including examples of good practice, interviews with green entrepreneurs etc. The aim is to raise awareness among young people and general public about green entrepreneurship skills for youth employment.