Today more than ever, labour market and complex societal challenges require young citizens to be highly qualified and to enhance their personal and professional competences through the most diverse channels and methodologies. Some of these are surely represented by tools such as non- formal learning, volunteerism, international youth mobility.

ERASMUS Plus, the biggest European program for education, training, youth and sport, also operates in this direction and offers different opportunities for organizations and young citizens who wish to be active in these fields: this possibility is even more concrete, as an entire action of the programme is dedicated to this theme, the Erasmus+ Key Action2 Capacity building in the field of Youth.

This action in fact, supports the development of transnational cooperation and exchange projects led by partnerships established between organizations of different nature mainly working with teens and young adults, coming from Programme and Partner countries. The aim of the tool Capacity Building in the field of Youth is to foster the creation of cooperation and exchange activities, with particular dedication to youth work, non- formal learning and volunteering experience to be more widespread, and more recognized and accepted at the same level of other “classical” techniques.

It is fundamental to encourage citizens to be engaged in international cooperation, cultural exchanges, to live experience abroad with their peers within and across the different regions of the world: the KA2 of the Erasmus+ Programme, makes this possibility real, mainly targeting youth and also young disadvantaged subjects.

By attending these projects, the participants will enhance their self esteem, will improve their level of competences and consequently, become more active and sensitive in society, which is the driving mission of the Capacity building action.

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