Green EYE: enabling young entrepreneurs in the Smart Green Sector and beyond to gain first-hand entrepreneurship experience

Green EYE project is an interesting opportunity for connect new entrepreneurs, who have developed environmental ideas, with green business entrepreneurs with the aim of strengthening their expertise through international exchange.

This program, financed by the European Commission under the Erasmus Program for Young Entrepreneurs, enables New Entrepreneurs and Green Business Entrepreneurs to increase their skills through international exchange projects.

Thanks to co-financing, new entrepreneurs with an idea of a highly impacted enterprise may complete a 1 to 3-month on-the-job training period with experienced entrepreneurs from one of the Countries participating in the Program.

GREEN EYE is realized by a European consortium that includes 5 partners: Holland (Van der Meer & van Tilburg, Amersfoort); Poland (Krakow’s University of Economics); Denmark (Aalborg University, Aalborg); Portugal (TecMinho, Guimarães) and Italy, with AlmaCube, the Incubator of the University of Bologna, together with Unindustria Bologna, generates highly innovative start-ups and spin-offs.

In particular, the focus of the project is addressed to business ideas related to: Smart building; Green tech; Waste management; Reduction of environmental impact. The opportunity to put together good ideas and good practices to develop innovative businesses and mindful of sustainable development.

Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs is the cross-border exchange program that connects New Entrepreneurs (NE) – or aspirants – with already-established Entrepreneurs (HEIs) managing small or medium-sized enterprises in Another participating country. New Entrepreneurs can acquire the skills needed to successfully manage a small business in the world of Green Economy in Europe.

The exchange of experience takes place within a working period at the headquarters of the experienced entrepreneur, helping the new entrepreneur to acquire the skills needed to manage a small business. Opportunities for the host entrepreneur are represented by the possibility of considering their business from different points of view, collaborating with partners and taking opportunities on new markets.

Experienced host entrepreneurs, on the other side, can benefit from a motivated resource and ready to feed activities with innovative ideas, that are always valuable in such a profoundly evolving field.

An interesting opportunity to connect ideas and business creation, focusing on sharing experiences and international exchange. A step towards the creation of a green business system capable of competing in the markets of innovation and environmental quality.

So, if you are a young and you have an enterprise idea that can offer innovative solutions in the field of smart building, urban development, clean tech, waste management, environmental impact reduction…

What are you waiting for? Present your business plan! The young people are strongly encouraged to propose.