International Training Course in Portugal

Experience of a participant Francesca Cuoco

Beja . 07 April – 14 April 2016.

Thirty young people from different countries (Portugal, Italy, Slovenia, Nepal, Argentine, Tanzania) have met for one week to learn more about green entrepreneurship and to discuss about different experiences and ideas on this interesting topic.

My name is Francesca and I took part, together with other 4 girls from Italy, in the international Training Course (TC) of the project “Greentrepreneurship – Easier done than said” held in Beja, Portugal.

The TC was hosted by Associação Check-In – Cooperação e Desenvolvimento, which is one of the 6 project partners and organisation responsible for the development of the educational module in the field of green entrepreneurship and youth employability.

A training course is an education program on a specific topic, which aim is to improve the skills, the knowledge and attitude of the participants (youth workers, youth leaders). The daily programme of the course was based on non- formal learning methods, characterized by an high level of interactivity between trainers and participants. The TC included sessions on entrepreneurship, green ethics, branding and marketing but also “workshops” and more creative activities. For example, one day, divided into mixed groups, we had to develop our green idea and create our own lab to present to the others. I think this was one of the most interesting activity we had because I understood how to be in a group of people of different culture can make your idea more and more complete, with different suggestions and details. Not by chance, entrepreneurship can be also defined as a union of ideas to use available resources in order to make the difference!

The main aim of the TC was to train participants on green entrepreneurship and to provide them with practical tools to run local activities in their own countries. Related to this, during the project, always divided in mixed groups, we had to discuss about the quality of a trainer and discover which quality is in us and which we need to develop in order to be good trainers… you can’t imagine how many things you can discover about yourself in one day!

 After the training course, each group will put into practice what learned. The Italian team will guide a group of young people in Palermo in developing their green business idea. In this way, not only unemployment will be reduced but also new green ideas will help the world get greener.

In Palermo I had already gained some experience with green labs, green activity, such as cleaning the beach, cleaning local spaces, flash mob and in general awareness campaigns and for me this TC was another piece of the puzzle in my personal campaign for a greener future, healthier. It was an amazing experience: sharing ideas, experiences, different cultures from mine, new life styles, knowledge and good practices.  This was not my first experience in an Erasmus+ mobility project, but I think it’s always a good opportunity to take part in one because each time you come back to home much richer: in suggestion, in ideas, but also of Life, because this opportunity is not just about learning but also about GROWING.