RENEW2020 – Youth training course for creative waste recycling

The ReNew2020 training was created and developed as action of a project funded by the European Commission’s Erasmus + program and evolved from a partnership between major companies and organizations operating in Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, Spain and Croatia, who have developed specific competences in the field of training, youth entrepreneurship, waste management and interior design.

The program contains as coordinator of Consorzio Provinciale Intesa, which in the province of Treviso associates 40 cooperative companies with more than 5.000 members, while Contarina – as an Italian partner working on the initiative – will provide the participants with their competences in the field of Green and Circular Economy.

The training course provides on-line training sessions through an e-learning platform and four mobility periods that will take place in Italy, Croatia, Holland and Spain. The first of these takes place right in Italy and will enable to participants to know in depth the Contarina Model and the experience accumulated by the company in waste management.

This initiative is a fundamental opportunity for the exchange of good practices among the involved and for the ability to develop specific and professional skills in this field.

Promoting youth self-entrepreneurship and creativity in the field of waste reuse and management is definitely an indispensable investment not only to pave the way for new ideas and service improvements but also to rethink future resource management in a perspective increasingly sustainable.

Finally, it is a tool to promote experimentation, innovation and development for the associated cooperatives, businesses and the territory and to this opportunity is transformed into a significant experience on issues such as economic, environmental and social sustainability.