Within the international project GREENTREPRENEURSHIP – Easier Done Than SAID PiNA prepared the second of a series of short video presentations of Slovenian good practices in the field of green entrepreneurship.

The second video shows the business path of a young private institute mOBILNO to go – Institute for developing sustainable technologies, that is developing sustainable technologies in the areas of housing, nutrition, healthy lifestyle and waste. They strive to use local building materials, optimise the use of energy and reduce waste.

Their main mission is to revolutionise years of bad human habitsand introduce new sustainable, environmentally friendly construction technologies, housing and nutrition. Their subconscious is highly motivated towards sustainability and to lowest possible carbon footprint. The consequent inspiration give them ideas for new projects and products.

Production: PiNA

More about mOBILNO to go – Institute for developing sustainable technologiesweb page / Facebook

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The goal of the project GREENTREPRENEURSHIP – EASIER DONE THAN SAID is to develop skills, knowledge and competences of youths in order to improve their productivity and employability in the field of green entrepreneurship.